Ingelix® Launches Free Remote Worker Pre & Post Employment Test for All U.S.-Based Employers in Response to COVID Outbreak

Canton, Ohio — May 15, 2020 — In response to the national Covid health emergency, Ingelix®, a leader in cloud-based hiring and retention solutions, has announced the launch of a free remote worker employment test for all U.S.-based employers. For a limited time, Ingelix® will offer employers the ability to access their site to test any prospective applicant, or current employee, that is being asked to work remotely. “Employers can sign-up to start testing their applicants and current employees immediately at no charge”, states Brad Myers, Ingelix® CEO.

The new program permits employers an unlimited number of free remote worker testing to predict how applicants and current employees may perform in the role as a remote worker. With so many workers being asked to work remotely the need to predict how they will perform is at an all-time high. Many employers were not prepared for such a large number of remote workers so determining if they can be successful is critical to stabilizing the overall workforce.

Interested employers can sign-up at and begin testing immediately. Free accounts will remain active for 60-days and may be extended depending on the outcome of the national Covid health emergency. The Remote Worker Pre & Post employment test is applicable to all positions for any employer. Employers can review the Ingelix® testing process at the company website. Ingelix® currently has over 120 interchangeable hiring and retention testing metrics deemed critical to matching the best person to the right job. The overall process allows for employers to create an unlimited number of employment tests ensuring a strong fit regardless of ongoing changes in the position requirements. Ingelix® also offers employers add on modules evaluating team strength and compatibility to increase the probability of success prior to asking employees to work together.

Ingelix®, Inc. is a privately held company specializing in developing innovative cloud-based hiring and retention solutions and is the preferred vendor for the Ohio Health Care Association ( for their more than 1000 nursing facilities, assisted living communities, and intermediate care facilities throughout Ohio.

Focused on accelerating its proprietary process for all industries, the Ingelix® product line is offered nationwide having screened millions of job applicants and employees. International expansion is scheduled for 2020. For more information please visit or email us at

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