Ingelix® Launches Team Strength & Compatibility Analysis

Canton, Ohio — July 23, 2018 — Ingelix®, a leader in cloud-based hiring and retention assessment technology, has announced the launch of their new Team Strength and Compatibility Analysis.

Team Strength Analysis

The Ingelix® Team Strength Analysis compares the results of custom assessment to provide an overview of an employer’s entire team strength through each of its members. Employers will be able to exponentially increase the effectiveness of their workforce in real time. The process permits people to be added and removed for instantaneous analysis in determining how strong the overall team is as a group.

Compatibility Analysis

The Ingelix® Compatibility Analysis compares the results of custom assessment allowing for the quick identification of any possible personality conflicts before asking employees to work together. Understanding the work dynamic between people is at the core of being a productive organization. Many times employers have already capitalized on the talents, skills, knowledge and strengths of your employees when they identified them for hire, but when it comes to pairing individuals together (whether it’s colleagues at the same level, or any manager and their employees) it is essential to evaluate the dynamics that will prevail. This analysis will focus on the personality traits of employees that will tend to be more harmonious in order to help form a work culture that will be as optimal as possible.

Whether it is through measuring the ability of employees to work together or determining how strong your overall team is the Ingelix® Team Strength and Compatibility Analysis are invaluable tools essential in developing a compatible, strong workplace culture. Understanding how an individual is built, their strengths, weaknesses, and natural behaviors, is a strong foundation for the development of any employer’s human capital.

Brad Myers, Ingelix CEO stated, “Knowing how to align people together to advance an organization is what will maximize an employer’s most valuable asset: their people! The Ingelix hiring and retention solutions provide a full complement of tools to hire right the first time and then how best to align personalities for maximum business impact.”

Ingelix®, Inc. is a privately held company specializing in developing innovative cloud-based hiring and retention assessment solutions. In 2016 Ingelix® was named the preferred vendor for the Ohio Health Care Association ( for their more than 1000 nursing facilities, assisted living communities, and intermediate care facilities. Focused on accelerating its proprietary process for all industries, the Ingelix® product line is offered nationwide.

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