Ingelix® Launches Unlimited, Customized, Interchangeable Pre-Employment Tests

Canton, Ohio–October 30, 2017—Ingelix®, a leader in cloud-based hiring and retention solution, has announced the launch of their new customized and interchangeable pre-employment tests. The new process allows for the creation of an unlimited number of unique hiring assessments specific to the current needs of an employer’s job but can be changed “on the fly” as the needs of each position change.

“Employers can now ‘mix and match’ the individual Ingelix® hiring metrics to meet the specific needs of the job. This ‘custom’ approach in creating a hiring test battery ensures you are only testing for those skills and behavioral characteristics that are relevant to the job at any given time, which reduces test time significantly,” states Brad Myers, Ingelix® CEO. The new process permits employers an unlimited number of hiring assessments selecting from 120 interchangeable hiring metrics deemed critical to matching the best applicant to the right job. The overall process allows employers to hire right the first time by ensuring a perfect fit regardless of ongoing changes in the position requirements.

Ingelix®, Inc. is a privately held company specializing in developing innovative cloud-based hiring and retention solutions. In 2016, Ingelix® was named the preferred vendor for the Ohio Health Care Association ( for their more than 800 nursing facilities, assisted living communities, and intermediate care facilities. Focused on accelerating its proprietary process for all industries, the Ingelix® product line is offered nationwide and has process over 6 million job applicants.

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