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Ingelix™ Launches Unlimited, Customized, Interchangeable Pre-Employment Tests
October 30, 2017 // Ingelix Admin
Canton, Ohio–October 30, 2017—Ingelix™, a leader in cloud-based hiring and retention solution, has announced the launch of their new customized and interchangeable pre-employment tests. The new process allows for the creation of an unlimited number of unique hiring assessments specific to the current needs of an employer's job but can...

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Participate in Ohio Workplace Environment Study 2017
March 14, 2017 // Ingelix Admin
Summary of the Workplace Study: Ingelix™ specializes in a proprietary, patent-pending hiring process, that permits the Ohio Health Care Association (OHCA) members the ability to identify top performing job applicants utilizing a cloud based algorithm-hiring technology platform (SmartSystem). Ingelix™ is pioneering an algorithm based machine-learning concept in healthcare that...

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Ohio Health Care Association (OHCA) Selects Ingelix™ as Preferred Vendor
April 20, 2016 // Ingelix Admin
Columbus, Ohio and Canton, Ohio – March 21, 2016 – Ingelix™, a leader in cloud based hiring and retention solutions announce being selected by the Ohio Health Care Association (OHCA) as their preferred vendor. Under the terms of the agreement, OHCA will recommend and endorse Ingelix™ as their preferred vendor...

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