Alliance Community Hospital

Alliance Community Hospital, a non-profit hospital that was founded in 1901, is licensed for 204 beds including 68 nursing home/transitional care beds that are found in their attached, long-term care facility, Community Care Center. ACH is fully-accredited by The Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program (HFAP) and offers a quality medical staff of more than 150 active and covering physicians.

Prior to contracting with Ingelix, Alliance Community Hospital did not utilize a systematic pre-employment analysis approach. After implementing the Ingelix SmartSystem the following was realized.

• Emergency Room and Nutritional Services continue to be a concern; however, after isolating those two, the majority of the organization saw an 8.8% reduction of the remaining positions.
• Medical records saw a 66.7% reduction from 2013 to 2014
• Imaging and Laboratory positions saw a 25% decrease in overall turnover
• Nurses and Orderlies saw a 25% decrease in overall turnover
• As a result of the Ingelix involvement the following have been established.
• All interviewing and eventual hiring is dictated by Ingelix SmartSystem Analysis.
• Isolating turnover problems in key facilities and replicating these results company wide.