Customized, Interchangeable, & Unlimited Hiring & Retention Assessments

As stand-alone solution or alongside our add-on solutions of Compatibility, Team Analysis and Exit Monitoring the Ingelix® Hiring & Retention Assessment Battery is the most advanced assessment library in the industry. The Ingelix® library contains an elaborate set of validated and interchangeable real-time hiring metrics specific to your industry. This allows for the creation of an unlimited number of custom assessment batteries that can be changed on the fly as the needs for each position within your organization changes. However, our innovative approach does not stop there.

Compatibility & Team Analysis

As an add-on solution the Ingelix® Compatibility and Team Analysis should be the perfect synthesis between matching the right person to the perfect role while aligning your workplace in perfect balance in driving company objectives. It’s imperative that your employees are aligned with people they are compatible with. Whether with only two people or entire teams the Ingelix® process can ensure that your people are paired with those who can work together for advancing critical company goals and objectives. However, our innovative approach does not stop there.

Exit Monitoring

As an add-on solution it’s inevitable that employees will leave your work environment through some type of exit. Each employee departure removes something from your organization and the teams you assembled to advance your business. Ingelix® captures exit data completing the entire employee life cycle whereas our proprietary adaptation process continues to monitor the changes in your workforce balance determining the exact type of talent your organization needs then adjusts all hiring requirements to meet the need without any human intervention.

What’s Included? Everything!
  • Unlimited Features
    No charge for all Ingelix® features associated with your account level. Everything you need to Identify, Hire, Inspire, and Retain comes with your Ingelix® account.
  • Unlimited Users
    All Ingelix® accounts come with unlimited standard-user licenses. Add administrative users as necessary at no additional charge.
  • Unlimited Support
    We are committed to your success. Ingelix® staffs a live help desk 24/7/365 so your job applicants and employees are never left without immediate help.
  • Unlimited Training
    Ingelix® offers all customers ongoing, unlimited training as needed. For seasoned employees who simply need a refresher or new employees who need to learn the basics Ingelix® has you covered!
  • We are dedicated in finding the “right fit” for our organization. With recruitment and retention being a challenge in today’s market, Ingelix gives us the tools to identify potential colleagues quickly.

    —Tracey Restetter,Recruiter/Colleague Relations Specialist, Aultman Hospital in
  • We no longer have to filter and sort through every résumé. With the Ingelix solution, top performers are already identified for us.

    —Diane Geis,Former EVP of Human Resources, Altercare of
  • Ingelix helps us quickly identify and filter potential employees. By selecting the right person for the job, we are able to decrease turnover.

    —Nicole Russ,MBA, PHR, SHRM-CP, CEBS, GBA, RPA, Director of Colleague Relations, Aultman Hospital in