The environment your employees work in is different when they work remotely. This makes supporting this new remote workforce very unique and some will struggle in adapting. In a world where working outside the office has quickly become the new normal, Ingelix can immediately evaluate who is ready to excel in their new remote role.

We can identify your organization’s strengths as well as areas for development and support in this new world of remote work. This enables you to plan, prepare and develop for remote work success.

Introducing The Ingelix Remote Worker Assessment

Ingelix can assesses remote work readiness through a short, targeted questionnaire. It’s just that simple.

  • Your applicants and/or employees take a short online assessment on work habits, relationships, and self-motivation. Quick, easy, efficient.
  • We match their responses to specific behaviors that are critical to remote work success using the Ingelix proprietary, psychometric science.
  • We then provide you immediate and powerful insight into their readiness to excel in a remote workforce environment alongside what support they may need.

This insight equips your people to work efficiently, maximizing their productively from remote locations. It also ensures they understand their personal strengths to ensure their comfort level in a remote role.

The Science of Assessment Technology You Can Trust

The Remote Worker Analysis is brought to you by the people who pioneered the ground-breaking Assessment Technology process for high performance!

Ingelix has changed the landscape of psychometric science with our flagship Custom, Interchangeable Assessment Process. Now we’re doing it again.

With an unlimited number of data point combinations and the brightest organizational psychologists in the industry working behind the scenes, the Ingelix Remote Worker analysis provides businesses with a unique, timely, and valuable perspective into the readiness of their workforces to perform in a remote environment.

Why the Ingelix Remote Worker Analysis?
  • Increase Engagement & Productivity
    Provide the targeted support your employees need immediately.
  • Plan for Success
    Identify areas of strength alongside areas in need of development.
  • Ensure Business Success
    Maximize your most valuable asset — Your People! Ensure they are ready to excel in a remote environment.
  • We no longer have to filter and sort through every résumé. With the Ingelix solution, top performers are already identified for us.

    —Diane Geis,Former EVP of Human Resources, Altercare of
  • Ingelix helps us quickly identify and filter potential employees. By selecting the right person for the job, we are able to decrease turnover.

    —Nicole Russ,MBA, PHR, SHRM-CP, CEBS, GBA, RPA, Director of Colleague Relations, Aultman Hospital in
  • We are dedicated in finding the “right fit” for our organization. With recruitment and retention being a challenge in today’s market, Ingelix gives us the tools to identify potential colleagues quickly.

    —Tracey Restetter,Recruiter/Colleague Relations Specialist, Aultman Hospital in