Absolute Health Services

With 35 years of in-depth experience, Absolute Health Services, Inc. provides a wide range of essential services for the long-term care industry including pharmaceutical, rehabilitation, hospice, and home health services. In addition, Absolute Health Services has a training program for State Tested Nursing Assistants (STNA).

Ingelix was contracted to identify top candidates for their organization with the objective to immediately reduce turnover alongside turnover reductions to trend year after year. Every position was mapped to the Ingelix SmartSystem so that top-performers could easily be identified prior to hire. After implementing the Ingelix SmartSystem the following was realized.

• 3.33% reduction in company-wide turnover within the first year at the Absolute Pharmacy Division.
• Increased ability to focus on turnover by using the Ingelix SmartSystem.
• The ability to isolate key positions in addressing turnover trends.
• More comprehensive and readily accessible business intelligence regarding turnover.

A randomly selected large Long-Term HealthCare organization in Ohio

For one large long-term healthcare organization in the Ohio, the turnover problem was most evident in maintaining an adequate flow of high-quality candidates coupled with increasing turnover rates for specific positions such as Dietary Aide. After the introduction of the Ingelix SmartSystem Analysis the following was realized:

• A 3% reduction in turnover for the position of Dietary Aide.
• Largest turnover category was identified as Director of Nursing, which was having an immediate adverse impact on overall corporate turnover by facility.
• Prior to implementation, Aides and Dietary Aides were the positions with the highest turnover. However, after the implementation of the SmartSystem, these positions are seeing a reduction in turnover.
• Customized interview questions were developed unique to the results of the analysis.
• A streamlined hiring practice was implemented to quickly identify top-performing candidates such as dietary aides and other specific key positions like Director of Nursing.