Altercare of Ohio

For over 40 years, Altercare has specialized in providing quality short-term rehabilitation, long-term nursing care and residential services. Altercare has 19 locations throughout Ohio and Michigan with over 2,500 employees.

Altercare provides short-term rehabilitation therapies, longer term skilled nursing, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, and full-time assisted living. Although a previous assessment line was being utilized, turnover was not being satisfactorily impacted. Ingelix was called upon to analyze and map every position within the organization in the Ingelix SmartSystem. Corporate policy stipulates applicants must be interviewed from the highest performing individual on the Ingelix dashboard working down. As a result the following was realized.

• In year one there was a 7.55% reduction in overall corporate turnover with the 2nd year trending another 4% reduction.
• 4 key facilities showed an average reduction of turnover of 31.25% within the first year.
As a result of the Ingelix involvement the following have been established.

• Focusing on turnover utilizing real-time Ingelix SmartSystem analysis.
• Isolating turnover problems in key facilities and replicating these results company wide.
• More awareness of identifying problem areas of turnover.
• More comprehensive and readily accessible business intelligence regarding turnover.