One of the critical components of the Ingelix™ Solution is matching the right people to the right job. When this occurs people are happy and turnover is reduced. When high performers are identified and matched to their perfect job the overall workplace environment elevates to a higher level. High Performers are committed to a quality work product and their overall camaraderie and compatibility inspires a workplace environment to excel above and beyond. This creates an environment that accepts nothing less than the best and creates a workplace culture that inspires lesser performing employees to rise to the occasion.

Performance Monitoring

At the heart of the Inspiring stage is the custom development of a Performance Center that uploads data from an organizations current evaluation process into the Ingelix™ SmartSystem Solution. Critical data points are monitored whereas the machine learning process continually learns the uniqueness of the personalities within the workplace and how their performance affects the overall organization.

  • We are dedicated in finding the “right fit” for our organization. With recruitment and retention being a challenge in today’s market, Ingelix gives us the tools to identify potential colleagues quickly.

    —Tracey Restetter,Recruiter/Colleague Relations Specialist, Alliance Community
  • We no longer have to filter and sort through every résumé. With the Ingelix solution, top performers are already identified for us.

    —Diane Geis,EVP of Human Resources, Altercare of
  • Ingelix helps us quickly identify and filter potential employees. By selecting the right person for the job, we are able to decrease turnover.

    —Nicole Russ,MBA, PHR, SHRM-CP, CEBS, GBA, RPA, Director of Colleague Relations, Alliance Community Hospital of Colleague