Collaboration problems create a serious waste of time and energy and can lead to conflict. The single most common cause or contributor in workplace conflicts is the differences in personality or styles of working. These conflicts are also the ones that people are least likely to do anything about. Let’s face it: there are certain coworkers that have more professional affinities than others, and whom we prefer to work with. In order to ensure the effectiveness of teams, it is essential to consider the knowledge and skills of each individual, but more importantly, the level of compatibility between them. Why is it that some people are more productive and collaborative together, while others are not?
Compatibility Analysis

The Ingelix™ Compatibility Analysis compares the results of two custom assessment results allowing for the quick identification of any possible personality conflicts before asking two employees to work together. Understanding the work dynamic between two people is at the core of being a productive organization. When many people form a group, a majority can settle the debate … but when your team is only composed of two people? How do you determine who is right?

You have already capitalized on the talents, skills, knowledge and strengths of your employees when you identified them for hire, but when it comes to pairing two individuals together (whether two colleagues at the same level, or any manager and their employee) it is essential to evaluate the dynamics that will prevail. Personality is the most powerful tool you have. This analysis will focus on the personality traits of your employees that will tend to be more harmonious in order to help you form a working duo that will be as optimal as possible!

Team Analysis

What happens when your teams are not just two people? Most of the time they are a group of like-minded employees grouped together to advance critical objectives. The Ingelix™ Team Analysis will provide an overview of your entire team in order for you to understand the dynamics of your group through each of its members. You will be able to exponentially increase the effectiveness of your workforce. The Ingelix™ process will permit you to add people to your team analysis in determining whether they are compatible as a group. Whether it is through the compatibility module for two people, or a team analysis for a larger group, these tools are essential in developing a compatible workplace culture.

Understanding how an individual is built, their strengths, weaknesses, and natural behaviors, is a strong foundation for the development of your human capital. Knowing how to align them together to advance your organization is what will set you apart in how best to maximize your most valuable asset: your people!

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