The Challenge

One of the main issues facing the healthcare industry, especially in the long-term care industry, is employee turnover. For one large healthcare organization in Ohio, this problem was most evident maintaining an adequate flow of high-quality candidates coupled with increasing turnover rates for several key positions: Dietary Aides, State Tested Nursing Assistant, and Registered Nurses.

Inconsistent, time-consuming and costly hiring practices resulted in procedures that were resource intensive with very little added benefits to hiring or retention. Traditional approaches to this challenge included administering off-the-shelf assessments that were used sporadically throughout the hiring process due to the “per assessment” cost and lack of understanding the results of the assessments. With these off-the-shelf assessments, hiring professionals were forced to fit their positions into cookie cutter assessment that may not address the key competencies of the position. Nor did the assessments address the specific culture of the organization.

How We Helped

With a strong background in the fusion of technology and data development, the team at Ingelix®worked with the client’s leadership team to conduct an in-depth study that determined what made this health care provider so unique. The study included the evaluation of employees alongside their supervisors which yielded a salient metric that captured the culture and important elements of what makes a successful employee within the company’s environment. The result was a customized and proprietary algorithm that can change dynamically as their personnel needs change so that all incoming hires are exactly what the organization requires, when they need it; a process that is not possible with off-the-shelf personality assessments.

“Our company didn’t hit many home runs (that year), but we certainly hit a home run partnering with Ingelix®.”

—Greg, President of a Long Term Care Company with 20 locations in Northeast Ohio and Michigan


The Ingelix® SmartSystem was fully implemented throughout the client’s 20 geographically diverse facilities. Using the results of the organizational study, a dynamically changing algorithm was developed and delivered through the online Ingelix® SmartSystem. The Smart System provides job candidates with the ability be assessed to determine whether they match the needs of the employer at that specific time. Hiring managers have real-time access to candidate analytics on a Dashboard that changes based on the needs of the organization. This Dashboard automatically displays the overall top performers in a color-coded display. Hiring managers are able to quickly access candidate reports to make more informed hiring decisions.

As a result of the Ingelix® Smart System implementation, this client:

  • Streamlined the hiring process.
  • Significant reduction in cost associated with hiring and retention.
  • Addressed the immediate hiring needs alongside tracking future personnel trends.
  • Streamlined selection – all the candidate’s information is available on the Dashboard.
  • Increased the pool for hard-to-fill facilities – candidates can be shared among facilities.
  • We are dedicated in finding the “right fit” for our organization. With recruitment and retention being a challenge in today’s market, Ingelix gives us the tools to identify potential colleagues quickly.

    —Tracey Restetter,Recruiter/Colleague Relations Specialist, Aultman Hospital in
  • Ingelix helps us quickly identify and filter potential employees. By selecting the right person for the job, we are able to decrease turnover.

    —Nicole Russ,MBA, PHR, SHRM-CP, CEBS, GBA, RPA, Director of Colleague Relations, Aultman Hospital in
  • We no longer have to filter and sort through every résumé. With the Ingelix solution, top performers are already identified for us.

    —Diane Geis,Former EVP of Human Resources, Altercare of